Automation Training For TW QA

今天作为酱油党之一(徐X语,还有小刀和LeoShi同行)参加了徐X为TW QA开的Automation Training。


  • Ruby的包机制,应用的配置环境
  • Selenium RC的原理,包的四个变种。
  • 在07年就提到过的Page Object


  1. Effective
  2. QA manageable

最后,徐X介绍了几个月前他研究出的Data Flow大法。简言之,测试不是要去测试事情本身,而是要测试事情结果的确发生。听着象废话,但那张精美手绘图却惊艳得不行。用以作为切分并归纳测试案例的依据。很受用,争取撺掇一篇文章出来。


TWI is Over

Today, we finished 3-day TWI(ThoughtWorks Immension) in ThoughtWorks China, which is also the sixth TWI here.

4 people from Xi’an office also came with us, and we spent a good time together. I have now a deep impression on the company culture, Agile Methodology, and a more closer observation on the story things and xp practices. All of what we saw and heard differentiate a lot from what we did before in a more traditional way. This introduced too much dicussion and questions, which even blocked the progress of courses.

Good to see this happened, when TW China grows up and attract more and more experienced people, it has to embrace and absorb those who are willing to join after survived from bad software engineering career, with its own special culture. I believe these people are here not wishing to get satisfying salary or anything, but to see how and why software engineering works here and people are happy at the same time.

I am shocked totally when teacher told ThoughtWorks company is actually a social experiment by Roy Singham, founder of company. I believe I will be shocked time and time when I understand more about company.

I am very pleasure to be the witness for this experiment is ongoing, and hopefully it will be successful.